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Robert Rankin Chapter #62
Texas Society
Sons of the American Revolution
Katy, TX

Welcome to the home page of the Robert Rankin Chapter of the Texas Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.  The organization meets in the evenings of the second Wednesday of each month during the year from January through May and September through November, excluding December, June, July, and August.  The Chapter was chartered in 2002 and finished its first full year in March 2003.  The Chapter Members have wholeheartedly embraced the goals of the National Society and have chosen to primarily focus on youth based programs.  This approach is consistent with the goals espoused by National President and our State Society. Past National Society President General Nathan White described the Chapter “as the model chapter for our organization.”  Robert Rankin has been highlighted as the outstanding chapter of its size 16 times on a state basis and 6 times on a national basis.  Its youth contestants have placed first on a state basis 17 times and 1 national first place winner.

Please browse our web site and visit us at our meetings.   If you are interested in being a member, please contact our Registrar, Tom Jackson, at

Robert Rankin Members 2021


Back row (l to r):  Dick Wimbish, Allen Greene, Don Andress, Thomas Burdette, President Michael Bierman, Harry Woodstrom, Alex Thorne, Bill Sorrells, Tom Jackson
Front row:  IPP Bruce McMordie, Jerry Clanton, Bobby Smith and Fred Jackson


Robert Rankin Members 2010


Back row (l to r):  David Jones, Patrick Kerr, Allen Greene, Fred Jackson, Stephen Tanner, Ed Raines and Tom Jackson,
Front row:  Gus Mistrot, Kelly McBride, Ash Jackson, Bobby Smith, Theron McLaren and Allan Henshaw